A complete, accurate snapshot of your customers financial position in real time. Our affordability engine uses income and expenditure categorisation to accurately calculate customer affordability.

Harness rich insights and trends across income, expenditure, assets and liabilities. Understand your customers true disposable income and affordability.

Income analysis

Our income classification model identifies all sources of income by type and regularity, empowering you to streamline financial assessments and business processes.

Expenditure analysis

Our proprietary machine learning model classifies individual transactions by expenditure type to help you understand your customer spending habits.

Real time financial assessments

Aperidata provide you with rich Open Banking insights to build a complete, real time picture of your customers financial position, which empowers you to make more informed decisions.

Customer Level View

Explore a multi-bank, multi-account view of your customers transactions across all consented accounts.

Identify Assets and Liabilities

Understand your customers assets and liabilities across all consented accounts.

Income & Expenditure Insights

Categorise customers income & expenditure transactions to get a complete up to date view of their financial profile including direct debit and benefits.

Affordability trends

Calculate affordability in real time and across multiple time horizons. Identify improving or worsening affordability trends at the customer and account level.

How it works

We provide all the tools necessary to obtain your customers financial data safely and easily. Use our developer-friendly APIs to integrate directly with your own platforms.

Generate a consent link

Send your customer a unique, safe link to request access to their financial data.

Connect to banks

Via the link your customer selects their financial institutions from the list and grants access.

Access data

Aperidata securely authenticates to aggregate the consented data.

Data Analysis

We perform detailed analysis on the data received to create rich insight and reports.

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