Convert banking transaction data into rich and valuable insights. Understand your customers income and spending behaviours. Use our proprietary categorisation engine to identify the category, merchant and location of individual bank transactions.

Our machine learning models help you better understand your customer’s income and spending patterns by accurately classifying incoming and outgoing transactions into specific categories. Use this data to make more informed risk decisions and help your customers understand where they’re spending to stay on top of their finances.

Income & Expenditure Categorisation

Transform customers banking data into insightful and valuable intelligence. Gain an understanding of your customers’ income and spending patterns. Our proprietary categorisation engine identifies the category, merchant, of individual bank transactions, enabling us to predict customer behaviours and affordability. Our hybrid machine learning models help you better understand your customer’s income and spending patterns by accurately classifying incoming and expenditure into specific categories.

Transaction Location

Leverage payment location data to detect possible fraudulent transactions and target specific products or services to your customers.

High resolution insights from each bank transaction

Gather real time, high-resolution insights on your customers financial behaviours to empower more informed business decisions.

Real time data insights

Use a single API that enables you to enrich bank transaction data real time.

Transaction location

See the location of transactions with accuracy to drive better products and services for your customers.

Transaction categorisation

Enrich transactions into organised categories to understand your customers income and spending patterns.

Merchant identification

Quickly identify merchant details to understand your customers spending habits.

How it works

We have designed our APIs to ensure they can be easily integrated into any platform or app, empowering you to make quicker, more informed business decisions.

Generate a consent link

Send your customer a unique, safe link to request access to their financial data.

Connect to banks

Via the link your customer selects their financial institutions from the list and grants access.

Access data

Aperidata securely authenticates to aggregate the consented data.


Consented customer transaction data is loaded into our categorisation engine and processed by our machine learning models to identify categories and additional insights.

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