Aperidata joins forces with PayPoint

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We are excited to announce that AperiData have joined forces with PayPoint plc, the innovative technology leader in payment and retail services. The collaboration marks a significant milestone in the evolution of the UK’s Open Banking offerings. It targets the modernisation of the dated Consumer Credit scoring market by blending in real time Open Banking data for financial assessments. This allows organisations to serve their customers digitally, more accurately and in real time, extending the reach of appropriate and affordable financial solutions into underserved communities.

The partnership is driven by the mutual commitment of AperiData and PayPoint to digitise the affordability calculations so needed in the UK, during the current cost of living crisis. The AperiData Credit Referencing and Open Banking capabilities embedded into PayPoint’s leading Payment services, gives clients more comprehensive financial insight, more paperless and streamlined operations, and ultimately improved consumer outcomes.

Through joint roadmap initiatives, AperiData and PayPoint plc are committed to staying at the forefront of Open Banking advancements and addressing the evolving needs of their clients across multiple industries. Through the real time provision of new and emerging data sources our clients can make better and fairer decisions for their end customers, making people’s lives a little easier every day.

For more information about the strategic partnership between AperiData and PayPoint plc please contact enquiries@aperidata.com